The Crisis of Employee Retention

Find out why employee retention is important for businesses and how poor retention can negatively affect your business.

How to Build a Culture of Recognition


Discover how properly challenging an employee is crucial for retention and why giving more responsibility is a great way to recognize that an employee is doing a good job.


Employee retention is one of the most costly challenges that businesses face today and while many companies pay attention to it, not many take a truly active role in improving it. While they may take some steps in order to keep strong (or even average) employees from leaving, there often isn’t a strategy in place to bolster retention. The result is that American business have been struggling to keep their employees.

About the Author
Catherine Palmiere is the President of Adam Personnel, a staffing company based in NYC. She has worked with hundreds of corporations and thousands of applicants, and is a sought after speaker on hiring and professional development

Catherine Palmiere 
President, Adam Personnel

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The Money Myth


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