Identify security gaps in your networks, websites, devices, and applications by simulating the latest cyber-attacks into your information system.

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Find Weaknesses in Your Network with Comprehensive Penetration Testing


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MegaplanIT offers a world-class team of QSAs, penetration testers, and auditors at your disposal. Our fully certified security consultants and compliance assessors have over 15 years of experience helping businesses like yours meet their security goals. 

Penetration Testing to Find Weaknesses in Your Network 

How Our Penetration Testing Works

MegaplanIT offers comprehensive penetration testing of internal and external networks, as well as website, intranet, and mobile applications. These three types of penetration tests are used to achieve PCI-DSS Compliance but can also be employed as a one-time security measure or as part of an ongoing IT security strategy.


Penetration Testing for PCI Compliance

Secure Your Internal and External Networks

Our internal pen testing service will determine where your vulnerabilities lie, test existing defenses, and help you secure your internal network against potential threats, ensuring that your private data remains private. Your network perimeter, which includes firewalls, host-hardening configurations, and router access control lists (ACLs), exists as a protective barrier for your information assets. 

During the external penetration testing, our security specialists will find and exploit actual known and unknown variables from the perspective of an outside attacker to evaluate the effectiveness of your defenses. Our team will also analyze the configurations set up between network hosts and relevant devices to ensure that all necessary security controls are in place and functioning effectively.


MegaplanIT excels at quickly identifying potential vulnerabilities or roadblocks in the compliance process and implementing solutions as problems arise, which allows our clients to achieve a high level of security that goes beyond basic compliance.  


Our consultants adhere to a meticulously designed, multistage process that has been proven to help companies achieve compliance, and are committed to delivering detailed, accurate, and comprehensive reports and assessments.  

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Penetration Testing to Find Weaknesses in Your Network

Penetration Testing is an integral part of a comprehensive data security strategy and a proactive threat management plan. During a Penetration Test, an authorized simulated attack is performed in order to identify potential weaknesses in an information system.

Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) are common in most work environments because they make collaboration, connection, and information access simple and efficient.

However, unauthorized users can easily access information on your LAN/WAN when effective security controls aren’t in place, resulting in the theft of personal health information, credit card data, and other sensitive customer information and slamming your organization with financial losses and costly lawsuits.





Network Security

Website Security

PCI-DSS Compliance

Application Security

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Protects Against Future Attacks

Secures Your Network

Website and Application Security

Website Application Penetration Tests are designed to evaluate the security of any browser or network-based application by simulating an attack from malicious sources like malware, spyware, and cybercriminals.

MegaplanIT offers all-inclusive Website Application Penetration Tests, which:

  • Chart the targeted application's data flow.
  • Employ known means of attack to identify the application's weaknesses.
  • Determine the level of difficulty a skillful cybercriminal would face when trying.

Once testing is complete, MegaplanIT creates a comprehensive Final Report for your organization that thoroughly documents the results of the penetration tests, describes the security issues identified, and provides specific recommendations for quick and efficient remediation of each issue that was uncovered.

Secures Your Network